UK income tax?
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Subject: UK income tax?
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I have recently successfully applied for a visa to work in the UK. I will be working there in computer systems security for 4 years. I have been told I will be paid around 40,000 a year, which according to this uk tax calculator is around 2500GBP a month. Is this enough to live on? I will be working in London but will live on the edge of London and commute as it will be a lot cheaper. Will this be enough to live on in London? I ask because I understand it is much different than in Russia in finance.

Thank you!
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Subject: Re: UK income tax?
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It is enough to live on, the UK average salary is about 28,000 per year. I am living OK for nearly half that monthly amount.
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Subject: Re: UK income tax?

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Hmm..................but i don't think it's enough.