Bringing car from Russia
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Subject: Bringing car from Russia
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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help? My wife is moving to the UK at the end of September. She wants to bring her car to the UK. What we want to do is to drive the car from Russia to UK. Does anyone know what Russian paperwork is needed to do this? I am ok with the UK side of it.
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Subject: Re: Bringing car from Russia

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This isn't exactly what you want but it seems to cover de-registering a car in Russia prior to export in 2016 to Germany.
I imagine the procedure will be largely the same and easier because your wife is a citizen of the RF.
Export needs to be registered (deregistration in Russia), and she'll need transit plates to get the car out of Russia into the EU.
She'll need a green card for the insurance across the EU.
The DVLA I assume you can handle.
Unless the car is particularly valuable, why bring an LHD car into the UK? Difficult to sell on. More expensive to insure in the UK. Better to switch to RHD driving. I used to take my RHD car to Russia a lot but parking in Moscow is now a pain but at least it was the only RHD car on the road and virtually unstealable because of that.

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