Last visa in 2012
Posted 2018-06-09 1:37 AM (#93438)
Subject: Last visa in 2012

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I'm probably going to Russia this year and have gone through the latest application form which has changed a lot.
I have a number of questions to be researched, especially countries visited over the last 10 years except Russia.
1 My relatives - the inlaws - I'm assuming I'd use their current propiska address which will be interesting as the FIL is now in an old people's home.
2 I'm changing jobs and am in between assignments so the income declarations and spending declarations are estimates. Nowhere to put or prove bank balances.
3 Wife has dual nationality - should I use her UK passport details or her Russian international passport details? Likewise my son has dual nationality too.
4 the only trips in my current passport are the russian visas and my last other country visas were India and Hong Kong in December 2007 so these are more than 10 years old.
5 European trips - god knows - will have to remember what I may have put on the visa application in 2012. In reality I can't remember all the trips. I used to travel all over the EU by car so I'm putting the main destination country for each trip and will have to make up the dates roughly. Is this going to be problematic?
6 More will probably occur once I have been through the draft I printed out.