Confusion with registering Visa
Posted 2016-07-07 2:42 PM (#83173)
Subject: Confusion with registering Visa

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I'm currently in Russia and have a few questions regarding visa registration, I have a private visa with double entries. My visa is for stays in Moscow and Saint Petersburg but my main city I will be in is Moscow. I arrived in Moscow on July 4th and caught a train to Saints Petersburg on the 6th and plan to return on the 9th back to Moscow. I'm staying in a hotel in Saint Petersburg and my wife's parents house in Moscow. I will be leaving for the UK on the 14th from Moscow. My visa hasn't been registered yet in Moscow.

1. Do I need to get the hotel in Saint Petersburg to register my visa?
2. As Moscow is my main place of visit will I need to register in Moscow only?
3. Do I need to get registered in both cities?
4. Will it cause me any problems if my visa isn't registered in Saints Petersburg and it should be if nobody questions it when leaving Russia?

Thank you in advance
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Subject: Re: Confusion with registering Visa


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The short answer is if you get the hotel to register your visa that is enough and is by far easier than trying to register it yourself. You only need to think abut re-registering if you stay 7 or more working days in one place, so you don't have a problem. You can find more information here:

Hope that helps.