Parliamentary Poll: Cancel sanctions on Russia to increase trade post Brexit
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Subject: Parliamentary Poll: Cancel sanctions on Russia to increase trade post Brexit

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So as we Brits like parliamentary petitions so much, I decided to start one.

Here is the full text:

Lift EU/US sanctions on Russia to increase trade now the UK is leaving the EU

As the UK has chosen to exit the EU, we will be no longer bound by US-influenced, EU sanctions on Russia. We should lift sanctions on Russia as an independent country to regain the millions of pounds of trade we have lost with Russia. We don't need to participate in EU/US sanctions against Russia.

The EU and the US introduced sanctions on Russia over the democratic decision of the people of Crimea to reunify with Russia and Russia's alleged backing of separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The UK had to participate in this as an EU member. Now the UK is leaving the EU, we need not be dictated to by it. Lost trade with Russia costs the UK many millions of pounds. This is trade that we are now at liberty to get back. Russia is a market of 140m consumers British business needs.

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition
At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

If anyone wants to sign it, it can be found here:

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Subject: RE: Parliamentary Poll: Cancel sanctions on Russia to increase trade post Brexit


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Totally disagree.

As much as I love Russia and its people, I do not support its government for the annexation of Crimea after a military intervention under a blanket of lies, nor for its direct and ongoing involvement in Eastern Ukraine to try and control and constrain Ukrainian political and economic development to its own ends.

I have personally met Ukrainian people who saw stuffing of ballot boxes, people not allowed to speak out against the occupation who eventually fled Crimea due to pressure to leave, I have met people recruited by the Russian authorities to go fight in Donbass in the early days, police and the such like, I have met active soldiers who were sent to fight in Donbas, its even on Russian TV, so why cant you see it?

In addition, not only is their incontrovertible evidence to this fact, even the Russian president admits this, so please don't come with the "alleged" nonsense.

I am satisfied that my government is taking some action against the Russian governments aggressive and resurgent nationalistic behaviour in the region, and that it helps lead the EU to apply sanctions on Russian state companies and individuals involved. The sanctions applied are in the financial sector and very targeted, were discussed in parliament, agreed in open council and then applied after a specific time limit. The Russian sanctions are on a wholly unrelated sector, a blanket ban applied with no discussion (just the will of the leader), and principally lead to hardship for their own people.

And remember, if it was so "democratic", why does not ONE single country recognise the result of the "election" in Crimea? Is it because it is an anti Russian US plot? Or maybe ... let me help.


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