UK student visa
Posted 2019-08-02 9:52 AM (#120893)
Subject: UK student visa
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Hi all,

I am writing here as I find myself in a strange situation.
I am an active UK university student, already previously had a tier 4 student visa and have completed 2 years of study in the UK.
Last year I had paused my studies to go home and help my parents with work. Now I want to reapply for the student visa.

The problem is, I initially applied in the U.A.E where I had residence visa. Now I am on a tourist so the only way to apply is from Russia.
I have a Russian passport and my parents have an apartment there, but other than that, I have not visited in many years.

If I book an appointment in one of the Russian visa application centers, do they require a Russian bank statement?
I plan on applying with my personal UK bank statement for proof of funds and I am not sure if this is possible.

Also, does anyone know if an internal Russian passport is required for the application? I will be going back to Russia soon to renew it so it may not be available to me.