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Hiya - someone trolling me? I reckon so!
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Posted 2013-12-03 9:13 PM (#59803)
Subject: Hiya - someone trolling me? I reckon so!

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Hi there - a brief introduction...

I am a male from northern England who recently subscribed to a dating website and someone left a message to me with their email address. Yep, you got it......the female's attached pic on the dating site had me investigating things further. Her name was Olga, a Russian girl and very pretty, blonde hair, blue-eyed and 10 yrs younger than me, but where she was from on her profile said Grimsby!! Interesting, so took things further by replying.

I emailed the person and started engaging with them by email only on a daily basis, and have been for the last 2 weeks or so. I am not a gullible sod, but I am curious, so have been testing the water with various questions and lines of blurb intending to wind the person up and catch them out. I am more or less 99.5% sure it's some silly cyber-freak just on the wind-up using someone's stolen identity. In fact one piece of info gleaned from a Russian-speaking friend sort of gave the game away, but I carried on with the correspondence to see how long it will be before they bite and get fed up. On each reply, Olga started attaching pics of herself, and occasionally ones alongside family members. Already she is hoping to fly over to meet me in the UK in the next few weeks once she sorts a visa and new passport out. After a little persuasion, I agreed she could stay at my home.

Don't worry, I have not provided any detailed info about myself, other than the city I live in and the occasional pic of myself to keep them 'sweet'. They must be on the verge of calling it a day but I do admire their persistence. I would like to share with you the correspondence I have had, if there is sufficient interest in me doing so and you would like a bit of a laugh at their expense (or mine!).

- AJ

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Posted 2013-12-03 10:56 PM (#59804 - in reply to #59803)
Subject: Re: Hiya - someone trolling me? I reckon so!


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Location: London
So if she's not from Grimsby, where is she from?
"Olga" is nearly always blonde and always a scammer.

So at the risk of sounding obvious I will render unto you the two most important rules when dealing with blonde "Olga"

Rule number one: Never, ever send money.
Rule number two: See rule number one.
Posted 2013-12-03 11:25 PM (#59805 - in reply to #59803)
Subject: Re: Hiya - someone trolling me? I reckon so!

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Hi Malcolm, she explained that 'she' couldn't understand why it said Grimsby in her profile, and emailed me this:-

OLGA: "Grimsby????? I never was in Grimsby. I do not know, why on a site is written that I from other city. It is an error. I really do not know. I from Russia and I do not hide it. Probably on a site there was a failure, and my profile has been changed automatically?
But it is already unimportant. I have removed the profile. At me has ended premium. I can communicate with you only on an A mail. ok? I think you will agree. "

Further correspondence gleaned this...

OLGA: My city Mirny is located in the north of Russia. In the winter here it is very cold, the temperature can be -40C. But summer very solar and warm. Mirny it is located in 700 km from Moscow. Moscow - the closest international airport.
Near to my city there is a single Russian cosmodrome. Sometimes at night I see in a window as the rocket flies up. When I was the child, I very much was afraid. But now I have got used to it. When the rocket flies up, I to think of desire. It is a good sign. And my desires often come true
Posted 2013-12-04 11:39 AM (#59807 - in reply to #59803)
Subject: Re: Hiya - someone trolling me? I reckon so!


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Olga from Mirny again. You do know of course, that the woman will not make the first contact and that this is a scam.

However, the scammers have become more desperate and will write more personally - all designed to fool you to part with your readies. If you really want to bait them and wind them up then have fun. I recall (years ago) that I had several rushing off to Western Union with false MTCN numbers and once, nearly managed to get one to send me money...
Posted 2013-12-04 8:26 PM (#59813 - in reply to #59803)
Subject: Re: Hiya - someone trolling me? I reckon so!

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Yes DeaconStreet, despite hopes I might have gotten lucky, realistically, I think I knew all along someone as classy as portrayed in the pic would not be chasing me so keenly. Funnily enough, tonight is the first time in 2 wks that I haven't received an email from them since emails started being exchanged. Maybe they've finally twigged that I was taking the piss and they've been rumbled.

Anyhow, for your enjoyment (and there might be the odd swear word and suggestive comment in the following exchanges), posted below is some of the dialogue exchanged between us. I hope you get a laugh out of it, anyhow!....IT DOES BECOME FUNNIER (HONEST!) , THE LONGER IT GOES ON, SO STICK WITH IT! ;-)


It is very pleasant that you also have decided to continue our dialogue. I want to apologise for my English language. It is not ideal.I have some accent. I lived in uk 2 months, and I have learnt to speak perfectly on English. :-). But I badly write. I can make some errors. I do not want to look silly, when incorrectly I write. However I perfectly understand everything that you write to me. You can not worry about it. If I make an error, you can correct me. ok? I hope that I don't look silly?? If I tell nonsenses, you say me about it. ok?

Blue eyes? Yes, you have beautiful eyes. mmmmm. Thanks for photo. I will be glad, if you send new photos every day......York - a beautiful city. Now I have found this city in the Internet. I see many beautiful photos. Now it is a little about itself: My city - MYRNY (Arkhangel'skaya oblast). of cause you didn't hear about it?

I'm 35 years. Unfortunately I do not have children. It would be magnificent, if my future husband already has children. To me 35 years, also I think that already late for children. But I can be mother, no problems. And if my husband wants the child, I am ready to give birth....
can you tell me, what you search on a dating site?
I ask about it repeatedly, because i know that so much men use it for fun only. I hope, you will not ask from me naked photos?? lol :-) I know that men on a dating site, only for the sake of naked photos. But I hope, you not the such. Yes??


Hello Olga,

I can decipher your emails to me, so don't worry, you are doing well. I wish I could write in another language as well as you can type English! Not sure if I heard of Myrny, if I'm honest, but Russia is quite a large country! Glad you are impressed by pictures of York. It is a very historic city and was once the capital of England! There are many fine places to visit - museums, old buildings, the bar walls and of course, York Minster. It is also surrounded by some beautiful countryside and the sea is only an hour's drive away. I like to get there a few times a year when the weather is nice and warm. I have no desire to request naked pictures of you. That can be left to my imagination!! (laugh). I am merely on dating site exactly for what it is deemed for - looking for a love match. What is your connection to Grimsby and England and why do you seek a British man to date? Curiosity is getting the better of me!

I presume you are currently in in Russia?

Another pic is attached for your perusal from when I was out with friends and 1 of my brothers.

Speak again soon, AJ.


Thanks for your letter, AJ. Grimsby????? I never was in Grimsby. I do not know, why on a site is written that I from other city. It is an error. I really do not know. I from Russia and I do not hide it. Probably on a site there was a failure, and my profile has been changed automatically?
But it is already unimportant. I have removed the profile. At me has ended premium. I can communicate with you only on an A mail. ok? I think you will agree. I corresponded with men from Russia, but I have been disappointed. And I continue to be disappointed in people from my city. so long time I searched for the person to be inlove and have family. You know, now so a little men who think about future. but it is really terrible - to be lonely in my an old age... I think so....The real man should know how to contain the family and children, but I did not see it in Russian men. I have found a foreign dating site. And I have decided to try... Probably here I will find the prince? :-) I have elder sister. To her of 39 years. . but you have brothers or sisters???Now I live alone, my parents live in village, not so far from me. Sometimes I visit them. I can say about the life so much time, but I want to hear more about you from your letters also. You will say about yourself more. ok? I understand that we live in distance from each other, but I do not want, that it became a barrier...
I hope that you have understood me today!!! I will be ready to relocate if it will need...Tell to me, what you expect from our relations? I wait your answer.


Hi Olga,

For a relationship to blossom, the most important element I believe is TRUST and to not hide your true feelings for one another. You should be proud to have the person you love alongside you all the time. Having you on my arm would make me very proud indeed.

My mantra is to enjoy life and share mind-blowing experiences, smile, and have fun. A healthy sex life is important - and it can be tender, wild and beautiful all rolled into one. The opposite sex to me is a beautiful creature (in most cases!) and should be respected, cherished, admired and loved.

I have two younger brothers. When you come to England, you must be treated like a lady and I will be glad to escort you around my beautiful city and show it off. I hope you can prove one thing to me in your next message, which if you can't do, then I will sadly believe I have been strung along by an imposter. Can you prove you are genuinely interested in meeting me?

I want you to attach a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper near your face towards your mobile camera with the following words written on a piece of paper so I can read it:-

'AJ lives in York, England' - I sincerely hope you can do this. I am not asking the earth. If you can, brilliant, you would make my day. If not, then I know these messages have all been froth with no substance whatsoever. I don't suffer fools gladly. In other words, I am not to be taken for a gullible idiot.

I look forward to seeing your next picture. One more is attached, just for you. X

Best Wishes, AJ



Hello AJ, How are you? I hope that well? i have been at work, and i didn't have enough time to answer you. I write you letters from my workplace. To us forbid to use the Internet, for personal correspondence. Therefore I cannot use msn, and write letters very often. And unfortunately, I don't have possibility to write to you from the home. I have home computer, but in my house there is no Internet. I have the Internet only on work. I hope that after you see my mail, to you becomes better and warmer on a soul. I so speak, because so occurs to me when I receive from you the message, to me becomes very warm on heart because I know that you think of me. Now I do not worry. I feel pleasure when I find your letter in the computer. I have removed my profile from a dating site. I have stopped to get acquainted with other men. Now I correspond only with you Andrew. It will be interesting to me to spend my holiday, together with you. AJ,
I never spoke to you about my life. I was married only 1 time. My husband has died in 2011, a blood clot in heart. We lived together 6 years, but at us never was children. My husband often drank alcohol and could not have children. But we loved each other. After his death, at me never was men. But now I am ready to serious relations. To me only 35 years. And I hope that I will soon meet the man of the dream. There can be it you? :-)Russian men not so polite. Very many abuse alcohol, and often beat the wives. Therefore I not to search for serious relations in my city. I still told to nobody about you. How you think, I need to tell to the sister, what I correspond with the foreigner? I would like to make it. By the way, I have forgotten to ask, I am pleasant to you in the photos, you like my appearance??? I want to be pleasant to you. I will wait your answer.

Friendly kiss for you AJ


Hello Olga,

Nice to hear from you again. I feared I would not hear anything from you after my last message. So it gladdened my heart to see I have received more mail from you and it is your intention to send my pic request soon. It will prove to me you are genuine and not some cyber (internet) idiot who likes playing practical jokes on others!

I did read in your profile about the sad loss of your husband. How tragic. 2013 has been an awful year for me, but maybe it can end on a brighter note if we end up meeting when you come over to England? I would love that.You ask me about your appearance. Well if the truth be told, I think you look absolutely gorgeous! I like the colour of your hair, golden-blonde (?), very much. You must certainly turn guys' heads when you walk down the street. I am amazed you are having to resort to looking online for some male company, but maybe this will be beneficial for me!I don't believe I should arrange a meeting with anyone just for the sake of it. It has to feel right, and I am beginning to feel there may be a spark between us. Doesn't the fact I am a bit older bother you?

By all means talk to your sister about me. I have nothing to hide at all. I have attached another picture for you. This was taken with me wearing my friend's sailor hat (he is in the Royal Navy) in a pub in York. Anyway, I hope this message finds you in good health. I am well thank you, but tired after having a busy day at work. I look forward to reading your next email.

Take care, Olga.

- AJ xx


Hello my friend AJ.
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. Each time when I check a mail box, I find from you the answer.It so is pleasant that you do not save time and answer me. To me it is very pleasant that you read my letters and my life is interesting to you.My city Mirny is located in the north of Russia. In the winter here it is very cold, the temperature can be -40C. But summer very solar and warm. Mirny it is located in 700 km from Moscow. Moscow - the closest international airport. Thanks for your photo in sailor hat. It really is very amusing. To be do you want to speak by phone? I want to hear your voice. Lets we won't hurry up. Lets we will speak by phone in a 5-6 days. ok? i think, now we should continue correspondence.My dear AJ,....... oh...... I hope you don't mind me calling you "my dear"
Kiss from Olga!!!!


Dear Olga,

Nice to hear from you and see the pics. Do you mind me asking how you composed the poster with my name on it, I presume you printed it on a computer because of the large letters? How did you learn to write such good English in your emails? Did you study it at school? I think of you whilst at work and opening latest letter when I return home. It makes me glad and feel good.
Yes, in time, I don't mind speaking to you via telephone. But to gain my further trust, may I request you send a pic to me of you 'blowing a kiss' to the camera? You can call it your proper kiss to me rather than a typed one in your next email! *smile* :-) I hope you can do this for me. I will do so in return if you can.
Until next time, Olga...take care.

- AJ xx


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh AJ

Today I will write the short letter. Now I have a lot of work. You ask, where I have studied English language? I went to school 10 years. I studied English language. When I have left school, I have gone to institute. There I have continued studying of English language. It very much was pleasant to me. And I have learnt to speak well. But unfortunately I still badly write on English. But I well read. I am glad that you liked my photo. Thanks for your compliment. I have good handwriting. You ask the new photo? ok. Now my sister has left in Arkhangelsk. But when she will return, I will ask for her the camera, and I will satisfy your request. But you too should satisfy for me the request that I trusted you on 100 %. Photograph about the sheet of paper. Also write on sheet: "Tolyamba privet. Chmoki Chmoki tolstyak!!" This greeting in Russian, and kisses. To me will be very pleasant if you write it. I love my work. It is very simple work, but it takes away a lot of time. Also I have 1 holiday in a year. I will soon have holiday. I will travel. I think, we can meet during my holiday......... All is possible....)))))))) Holiday in Russia - 4 weeks. It is very inconvenient. 2 holidays in a year - are more convenient. In your country holiday of 2 weeks? I spoke with my chief, about it. But he cannot change holiday date. It is impossible. I cannot transfer holiday for other time. Therefore you should know that I will not have other holiday. And if we want to meet, we should make it in 2-3 weeks. We have no other choice. But now we should not speak about it. We should not plan our meeting now. I should be convinced of my feelings. I think, you agree with me. We can discuss it next week.Tomorrow I will search for your big romantic letter.


MY REPLY (edited down):-

Ooohhh Olga,

Did you write with your own hand those letters on the sheet of paper or were they typed out? I need you to clarify this as I didn't understand your explanation, sorry. Why have you not arranged travel plans to England yet? How do you know that hotels will be free to accommodate you? I ask because I'm worried you are not aware how busy it gets in England during the holidays. Many people travel and celebrate the festivities.
Take care, Olga. My camera battery is dead at the moment, so I will send pic tomorrow after full recharge. I hope you catch safely the two kisses I post below to meet your beautiful lips.

- AJ xx


My deeeeeeeaaaarrrr AJ

I so am glad that I see your letter In this time, which we correspond, you are valid me became very close, I can speak with you on any themes and about what not doubt.I hope that you also openly concern me. You speak about hotel? You don't want to invite me in your house? Yesterday to me there have on a visit arrived parents. I spoke about it yesterday. I was glad that they have decided to arrive to me because I wanted to tell him about you.I spoke with the mum about you, our conversation lasted long. My mum very much protects me and is afraid for me. She does not want, that I have got to a bad situation. I have explained to the mum about you. I have told that you the good person. I have told that you as well as I, dream of creation of a strong family. I have told that you too want, that you had a loving wife. I have told to her, that probably we will meet, during my holiday.My mum has told that we should discuss all details if we really want to meet sometime. And if I have decided to spend holiday with you we should discuss all details.. She trusts my choice. I send you a photo of the parents. They very good and decent people. I very much respect them and I love. But why you have ignored my request? You attentively read my letter yesterday? But you too should satisfy for me the request that I trusted you on 1000 %.
Photograph about the sheet of paper. Also write on sheet: "Tolyamba privet. Chmoki Chmoki tolstyak!!"I have satisfied your request. And now you too should confirm you. By the way, my mum has communicated you "hello", I hope that for you it will be pleasant Do not faint. lol.
Big Kiss


Dear Olga,

I read with interest your latest verbals, with increasing hopes over our impending meeting...

Never have I felt such pangs of fruitfulness and love - they send my head into overdrive. I have not been so happy for......oh, a few days now.

Good day to your folks too. They look decent people. You must send me a pic of you all together enjoying yourself laughing and eating supper. The only time I enjoy myself now is reading your letters and thinking of you, Olga. It brings a smile to my face and a stirring to my loins. I picture your golden hair and silky-smooth skin as I think of you very hard.
By the way, I can take pic of poster tomorrow hopefully if you tell me what I am writing especially for you. Answer my curiosity and I will oblige, my dear. Alas, at this moment in time, I don't think it will be possible to host you as guest. We don't have spare room. I wouldn't dare ask you to share my bed after just meeting. that would be very rude. I can search for a nearby guest house and pass on details of availability should you require. If there is nowhere nearby, then we will find a way, especially for someone who has travelled so far especially to see me, even if I end up sleeping in my car! You will be fed well and heartily, and I envisage you popping the bulbous home-grown strawberry I offer you past your lips. Strawberries are considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac in England, yum yum!!
- AJ


Mmmmmmmmmmm.. AJ, I so am glad to receive again from you the letter. When I read your letters, and I write to you to the answer, I have an impression that you nearby and I feel you, your heat. And you know, I already start to grieve without your letters but when I receive the next answer from you, at me the mood at once improves, it so is fine.
You will make the photo for me today? ok. I told you value of this phrase. This greeting in Russian, and kisses. To me will be very pleasant if you write it.

This night you can approach to a window? You can look at the moon? I too will approach to a window, and I will look at the moon. And our sights will be crossed. It is very romantic. You knew, what I very romantic woman? So, today our first appointment on the moon. lol. Do not forget about it. I hurry events???? No. It simply dreams......... But I am assured, soon our dreams will come true You really very much are pleasant to me, it is pleasant to me to communicate with you, it is pleasant to me to know that you think of me. I wish to hear your voice. I think, we should exchange phones.+7 902-623-52-18 - my phone number. But I do not know, you should specify what international code. I never accepted calls from other countries. My sister tried to call me from Finland, last year. But she could not phone. I do not know the reason. Probably my telephone operator does not accept calls from other countries? At me local telecommunication.If you cannot call me, I will call you tomorrow from the payphone.I with impatience will wait for your answer.
Kiss for you, AJ!!!!
P.S. Do not forget to write your mobile phone number, in the following letter.



Hello Olga,

As I type this message I am looking out towards the moon. I see your face staring back at me with a beautiful smile of contentment. It makes me a happy man. I imagine holding your face in my hands and staring deep into your blue eyes to see your soul. I hope you wish to look into my eyes too. My heart is skipping a beat at the very thought. I want to be able to swim around in the pools in your eyes. Or I would if I could swim!LOL

Regarding communication with you, I am still wary of strangers asking for details that are personal to myself. There are others ways of being able to reach across the seas towards each other. Yes, I want to hear your voice too, but it will have to be via t'internet and webcam somehow, or Skype. Can you make this happen? I will try the phone number you have sent me but from what you say, I don't hold out too much hope, which makes me sad just like a kid who hasn't had a visit from Santa Claus.Despite my shyness in being forthcoming with details, I do hope you do not disown me. I want this to be right Olga, and to TRUST someone I have never met or even spoken to before. We need to find a way around this which will be satisfactory to both of us. I truly want this to work. I don't want to be hurt again as it will send me over the edge.

Olga, let me explain why I am like this....

....A few years ago I had a bad experience from being too trusting to a complete stranger. I had emails from someone I thought was in desperate trouble in Nigeria and befriended them over a number of weeks. They were part of a family desperate to flee from a tribe who were making their lives a misery with vile threats if they didn't work their skins to the bone for the tribe's leader. They were treated like slaves apparently and had no life to speak of like you and me. Despite this, they were still able to plan a new life with help from the outside world. They popped down the local t'internet-café and managed to email people (I still don't know how they got hold of my email address!) who might be willing to help with a cash donation so they could make a new life, and move to a safer place - a house complete with locks, an indoor loo and stuff, rather than a shack, a wooden latch and a hole in the ground outside which they were used to.......or so I was made to believe. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I felt sorry for them and made a donation via electronic payment into an account they'd set up eventually. It wasn't too much, but I'm sure $1000 (about £700 English money) is still a lot of money to some people. Fortunately, I had a bit of cash stashed away for a rainy day due to a successful stint dealing with shares on the stock market and made a bit of dosh, spondulicks, readies, money, folding-stuff, call it what you will, a few years ago. The thing is, somehow it ended up being quadruple that amount I sent through, as some despicable sheep-shagging, drug-pushing, sweaty Nigerian got access to my bank details and managed to withdraw more than I kindly sent through. My bank notified me of what was happening and they managed to stop these blood-sucking leeches before they got access to my Gold-Plus High Interest Savings account. That would have brought a tear to my eye if they'd cleared that bugger out.

Now I hope you understand, Olga. Forgive my wariness and my bad, bad language. I have a fear of dealing with numbers which mean something to me. Which is weird 'cos I used to love Maths at school and a programme called 'Think of a Number' hosted by Johnny Ball on English TV years ago. The only figures I am comfortable with now are female ones, like 34-24-30, for example. They are very easy on the eye. The female species is a wonderful creature and you are a fine specimen, Olga. Or it seems that way. Maybe you can put my mind at rest and tell me you are sincere and wish for us to be together. I hope I haven't gone on too much and upset you in any way. I would rather splash out on you than a dirty, sneaky South African. It would bring me great pleasure and deep satisfaction. As promised, I attach pic with special message for you. I didn't put those other words you asked for as they are alien to me. Chmoki means to smooch, I believe, so I was more than happy with that. I have also attached a close-up picture of my blue eyes just for you. Stare into them and believe that some day you can see them for real.

Speak again soon, I hope.

- AJ


Hello AJ.
How are you? I do not have skype and web cam. I do not have time for correspondence online. You not strongly were upset?? mmmmmmmmmmmmm...Excuse. I write you letters from work. Here there are no such programs. I do not know as to use skype. I understand nothing in the computer device. Besides, my chief does not resolve to the workers, to use the Internet, for personal correspondence. You do not want, that me have discharged from office. email and phone is all that I can offer. I hope that we can continue correspondence.

I have understood your hint....... Money me does not interest. pfffffffffffffff. I will never ask from you money. For me an insult if you think thus. At me good work. I can buy meal and clothes. I have an apartment in city centre . And additional money is not necessary to me. All that is necessary for me - the person who will love me.But why you haven't written your phone number? You have forgotten? I very much want to call you, and to hear your voice. Please write your number of the mobile phone. I am glad that I can tell you the my thoughts. I am glad that I can open to you all my feelings, my secrets. You know, I understand that the love often brings a pain, grief. The love can sometimes spoil all life. But it not about us . But the love can sometimes restore the person to life. And I want, that our love was the purest, the most sincere on light. I want, that it there was a beautiful love story which has never ended. Sometimes I think that it only a dream. There can be you to me only have dreamt!! If it is a dream, I never want to wake up. I am afraid that I will soon wake up and never more about you I will hear!! I am afraid to lose you. I hope, that always you will be with me. I want that you to me have promised it.
1000000 kisses!

Yours Olga! Yours for ever.


Eh up gorgeous, Olga...

Eyes tell me a lot about someone and whether they are being truthful. They are the windows to the soul. I'm sure you are being true with me, but I need to be 100% sure as I explained in my previous message to you.

January will soon be here and I can't wait for it to be honest. 2013 has been awful and I want it to leave me as soon as possible. Hopefully we will meet and embrace our love for each other before then. If not, then it will have to wait until everything is right for us both, whenever that may be. I have good news for you though, you can stay at our house if you wish. That will save you having to bother with hotel or guest house nearby. I will make you comfortable and tuck you into warm bed at night. May this happen, who knows?

I am yearning to embrace your lips so my heart skips faster. I have not felt like that for a while now. Well, I did after I went out for a run as exercise to keep fit. But I prefer my heart to be pumping from being near to you rather than from severe exhaustion!
The number you sent me I tried but could not get through. It says blocked and to try again later, which I will. In a previous message I requested that you send me a picture of you blowing a kiss to me. Can you do this? I will then know I can trust you and take our correspondence a step further, which will hopefully bring our hearts closer too.

Speak soon, Olga.

- AJ


Hello there my DEAR AJ.

Today my colleagues on work have paid me a compliment They say that I became cheerful, beautiful and happy. Yees! It is truth. I hope you understand me i really really really really really really really really really really really really like you.Earlier, before acquaintance to you, almost always I had a bad mood. I did not rejoice to new day. Boring, sad days. So was every day, nothing foretold changes. But after our acquaintance all has changed. I don't know, why you can't call on my phone. My mobile phone is constantly included. Probably my telephone operator doesn't accept trunk calls? At me local telecommunication. ok. You shouldn't worry about it. I will call to you from the payphone 2-3 times a week. Write your number of the mobile phone. I ask about it in each letter. But you ignore my request.You know, in this time, as we are familiar with you, I became much happier. Even my cat Simba has felt that I became very cheerful.
To me 35 years, but I feel, as if to me again 20 years. To me it was very pleasant, I notice that much has exchanged in my life. Life in my city very difficult, but for me now all has changed. My time comes to an end. I should continue work. But you should know, that I will work and think of you. I kiss you my darling AJ


Hi my dearest Olga,

Please send me your mobile number and I will phone you tonight (Sunday) or Tuesday evening. I will dial 007 for international code, then your mobile number. That should work.You say I ignore your requests, but only on 1 instance, my number. I have explained how I was duped before, so surely you understand my concerns? But if you really want to speak to me and hear my voice then you know what to do. I want to hear your voice too.

I have requested a picture of you blowing a kiss twice but I am saddened that you can not do this for me. If you are able to do this, I may change my mind about passing on my number for you to ring.
I really, really want this to happen Olga and cherish the writings we have shared. What I wish for now is for us to be closer to each other and sense our strong feelings for each other through the medium of a telephone call. It would gladden my aching heart.

Much love,

- AJ


My darling AJ,,,,,,,,,,,,, what mood at you today? I hope that very good.+7 902-623-52-18 - my phone number. I already to give you it, in the previous letter. And I am surprised, what you are afraid to give me your phone number? The deceit? I am surprised. I know nothing about the deceit. In Russia men more courageous.
When I went to bed, I very long could not fall asleep. I long watched TV, but the dream and has not come. You know why I could not fall asleep. I thought of us. In last letters I spoke to you much, about the feelings and I am glad that you accept me. In the first letter I said you that soon my holiday, and I want to travel. You should not think that I want to run away from Russia. You should not think that I need Citizenship of your country. I feel very awkwardly. Possibly you think, what I want to leave Russia, and I search for any accessible way??? No, it is a lie. To be pleasant to me life in Russia. But the family is necessary to me. I cannot find the worthy man in Russia. Tell to me, what you think about it? I do not want, that you thought that I communicate with you only because of your country. Do you really liked me. And I constantly think of you. It not love. But when we will meet, we will have a love, I feel it. Therefore I have decided that I want to spend my holiday with you. I do not need citizenship your country. Expensive gifts are not necessary to me, the rich husband is not necessary to me!! The husband who will love me is necessary to me. And if you understand it, I want to meet you. I am ready to be with you of 2 weeks. . I hope, you will be glad to it. We should check up our feelings.
This travel has been planned in advance. I have the good salary, and a holiday money. . And holiday money will be enough to pay air tickets and all additional expenses. I have already thought of it, and I will not have any problems.I travel a little. I was only in Ukraine and UK, 7 years ago. And my international passport already has ended.. I need to receive a lot of information to make travel to your country.Tomorrow I will have a day off and I go in travel agency to learn that it is necessary to arrive to you.Only mountains never meet, do not forget!


Olga, my blue-eyed beauty...

The time has come for you to make our promises to each other come true...

...3 times I have asked for photo of you blowing kiss to camera and every time you fail to oblige. What is the problem?

Rung the number you have provided to me again. It can't be a valid number, I get some Russian voices, then English voice saying number is blocked.

Oh dear. This is making me sad, Olga. Sadder than Simon Cowell on finding his XFactor act has failed to get the Xmas number 1 spot again in the pop charts. It brings a tear to my eye thinking about our dreams being scuppered. Please don't let this be so. I write you small poem hoping you will make my dreams come true...

Love is a many splendoured thing,
A Russian lady makes my heart sing,
The distance between us will become small,
When she flies to England and from the airport she calls.

I await in the arrivals lounge, my heart beating fast,
When we see each other for the first time, I know our love will last,
We embrace like long-lost lovers, our smiles say it all,
We hold each other longingly in the baggage hall.

I look into your eyes, so blue and clear,
At last we have met, someone I hold very dear... my heart for ever. I hand you roses as a gift,
You smile lovingly and soon they are sniffed.

I carry your bags to my car, whilst hand in hand,
I know this is love, and not something bland,
True love will be ours, it has great power,
I beg you to fly, my Russian flower.

Let's hope you can get your details sorted out regarding travelling very soon. As I said, if you really want this. If you really, really are who you say you are, you will deliver a photo to me in your next mailing and I will know you are true and not a cyber-freak having a laugh at someone's expense. As I have stated, I have been decieved before and don't want hurt. If I am being led a merry dance, then it may send me over the edge and I will probably get drunk. Very drunk. I would rather you just own up and go and annoy someone else.

I worry you have not got a current passport. In England you have to wait for up to 8 weeks for a new passport to come through. So remember what I ask for and I will look forward to you telling me when you plan to travel to England and stay in York.

Awaiting your reply with interest...

- AJ xx


Hello my dear AJ.

Thanks for your letter.I already explained you the reasons why I can't make the photo now. But you too ignore my request. Why I should execute your request? I have returned from tourist agency to write you the letter. At me many good news. I have begun official registration of papers. I have concluded the contract with tourist agency. I have talked to the agency personnel, all have explained to me. The visa, the international passport, and other documents is necessary to me. Official registration of papers will last 10 days. In 10 days all my documents will be ready, and I can arrive to you. For Russia it is usual term of official registration of papers, I already had some travel, and I know about it. Tomorrow I should go to tourist agency to receive the insurance, and the medical policy. My dear, you are glad? What do you feel now? We will be together. Soon we will meet. In 10 - 12 days we can kiss each other. It will be the first, shy kiss on the cheek. I am happy. But I worry a little. I hope, at all of us it will be good? You can meet me at the airport? It is very important for me. And I want, that you waited for me at the airport most nearest from your house. I yet do not know the airport to which I should arrive. I learn it later when my visa already will be ready. You can write your full address? I wish to give your address to my parents. They should know, where I will go. Write your full address, a post code and stationary phone. My mum asked, that I took from you this information. She to worry for me a little. Also I should give your address to my travel agent that he has chosen the nearest airport. I will write my data:

Name: Olga Mertvischewa
The address: Nedelina 21-148, Mirny, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian Federation

I am am overflowed with emotions. I am happy. And this night I will think of our meeting.Now I wait your answer.
Yours Olga which goes to you....


How do Olga, are you well?

Well I must say I am most impressed by your eagerness to jet yourself to the UK to embrace my wide open arms. The trouble you have gone to has me salivating at the lips at your impending arrival. In fact, I am even getting a twitch at the very thought of it. I do find I get an irritable tic near my eye when something exciting is about to happen. You can't come soon enough, and neither can I.

Am bothered by one or two things though before this can come to fruition and we can rubber-stamp our hot love for each other. You said you have been taking day off work to sort visa and travel passport out and stuff, and yet you managed to email me. How did you manage that? You have previously said you only have email access at work. I misunderstand you greatly, yes?

Not for the first time, I am sad. Sad that you can not carry out my request to prove you are genuine and not some sheep-shagging Nigerian trying a scam as what happened to me before. Once bitten, twice shy and all that gubbings. You must have friend that has access to a camera, yes? How about the next door neighbour? Can't you pop round and ask for their camera instead of some Maxwell House coffee granules or cup of sugar like they do in TV adverts? Ask to borrow it (or their mobile camera) so that you can post a picture to me in your next email. Or do you have a camera on your mobile phone, that will do. It doesn't have to be good quality. Time is running out if you wish for us to be together during your holiday spell. A lot is at stake don't forget. First and foremost, our love will die before it even gets off the ground with a bit of rumpy-pumpy. Surely you don't want this to happen my love, do you?

Knowing me, knowing you, A-ha will make everything clearer so that we can expedite your travel and so that I can rustle up a welcoming gift for you and a warm welcome at our house, in the middle of our street, our house was our castle and our keep. This can only happen when I get the picture of you blowing a kiss for me. Otherwise, I fear the worst and that I will be not entertaining and loving you this Xmas but spending my time watching repeats on Dave and concocting dishes from the remains of the Turkey we will be having for Xmas dinner.

Please don't let me down, my sweet Russian doll.

- AJ xx


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its not for me to criticise but I think that you might have blown it...

I don't think that you should be using words like 'rumpy-pumpy' at such an early stage in your correspondence. If you do get a reply, address the email with 'moi malinki Poinchik'.. that'll get her (his) blood flowing.
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Subject: Re: Hiya - someone trolling me? I reckon so!

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For future reference, DS, what does your suggested 'put down' translate as?

Cheers in advance.
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I'm planning a trip to Mirny next week.

You fancy a bit of planes trains and automobiles?

We could do a Darcy versus Hugh grant Daniel Cleaver fight in the streets for the prize of sweet Olga?

I think I'm a little ahead of you on points, but you could catch up.

May have to do top to tail on Olga's sofa
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